I see that you are interested in a court reporting service. You naturally want to know more about this service. I suppose that your first thought is about a stenographer working in the courtroom. You’ve just pictured a guy busy with typing something. Of course I don’t doubt that you’ve just pictured exactly this. I should say that though court reporters usually work in the courtroom, but at the same time it’s quite natural for them to spend more time exactly outside of court than being in. by the way many court reporting services offer services which appear to be unrelated to legal proceedings.

I should say that court reporting services usually deal with legal industry and they provide rather accurate transcripts of testimony as well as depositions and other important legal proceedings. In fact these written accounts have already become a significant part of the legal record. By the way court reporting services are often used by different kinds of business as well as governments and unions. Many other groups also take advantage of this service because many serious guys really require quite accurate records of their important meetings and speeches.

I suppose that you are used to watching television with the option of closed captioning as well as this awesome secondary audio programming known as SAP. I should inform you that court reporters often transcribe the spoken words into the proper onscreen text available to you when viewing TV with these enabled options. It’s clear that closed captioning gives deaf as well as hard of hearing viewers an opportunity to see what has being told in real time. When taking advantage of professional real time court reporting equipment, a particular court reporter can transcribe all the spoken words into a real time text appearing on television monitors as the words are being pronounced. I should add that the same technology can be used during live events and the entire show can be available online.

Reporting services are able to transcribe videotaped as well as audio records into quite understandable text records. For instance if a lawyer manages to record the initial consultation with a customer then this lawyer may want that recording to be transcribed later. In fact any videotaped interview as well as speech can be transcribed in detail if required. I’d like to add that legal as well as medical professionals often take advantage of court reporting services for the purpose of transcribing dictation and taped conversations. So as you can see this service has already conquered the entire world and you may appear to be its client very soon. God only knows may be you’ll become a famous court reporter. It’s a really promising job. You should have a try any way from my point of view.

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