Hi, I’d like to devote this review to management reporting mind crimes. I don’t doubt that you hear about this for the first time. But we shouldn’t pass by it any way because from my point of view it’s the worst management reporting error you should stay away from first of all.

It goes without saying that management reporting is considered to be highly sensitive to various problems associated with collecting data and converting it to information. In most cases we face problems closely connected with business intelligence tools environment. Besides this we also often have got absolutely wrong conceptual approaches to knowledge processing. In fact many companies face these problems these days.

Let me give you one example of a fatal error made by managers in one particular company. I should say that this particular mistake outclassed so called natural problems. I don’t doubt that this mistake was made mainly due to the lack of knowledge as well as rather an insufficient analyze of consequences of their own decisions.

To cut a long story short, managers of this particular company one made up their mind to process and collect all the financial data via their ERP system. After this they planned to deliver this collected information in bulk to the corresponding management information system. The second part of the decision was to process the non financial data in separate systems such as data warehouse as well as business intelligence solutions and then they planned to deliver this stuff to management information system using other information flow. Managers were likely to process financial as well as non-financial data independently and then they wanted to gather all of this for their reporting purposes in their management information systems. And they also intended to publish all necessary performance indicators.

So I’ve just told above that these guys intended to process their non-financial and financial data separately. Perhaps they should have work at two different projects, I mean financial and non-financial ones. But they decided to work only at one project while processing their non-financial and financial data separately. From my point of view it was their biggest mistake to treat those systems separately. These guys simply made their life harder than ever before when having made this mistake. As usual such decisions has got rather bad consequences resulting in derivation of financial statements as well as financial ratios into corresponding financial and certainly business logic details. I suppose that most probably in this case it would be almost impossible to calculate both profit and loss statement derivatives such as per functional units, loss per organizational units and so on. I suppose that the essence of this error is clear to you. I hope you’ll never make this error in your data processing.

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