Hi, in this review I’d like to tell just a few words about matter management reporting. I’d like to give you more detail about this. And I want to start with the so called metadata layer. As you know you can find this metadata layer in business objects. By the way in this case it’s known as the “Universe”. From my point of view the sound universe design is certainly the core of a really successful reporting system. It’s clear that those universes designed in the wrong way will cause significant problems such as inaccurate reports. Moreover in this case various performance problems may arise. As you might have already guessed all of this may result in user dissatisfaction.

I’d like to inform you that a proper universe design incorporates the following features. They are accordingly rather efficient database joins, a great variety of universes based on special clusters of the related data, sophisticated logical universe layouts, custom universes as well as objects specially created to address customer reporting needs, rather clear and user-friendly naming conventions and certainly some logical points of interface between universes.

I should say that in a business object universe design, these multiple universes should be created in compliance with complexity of the data as well as business processes involved. It goes without saying that separation of data into these multiple universes greatly improves usability as well as performance of reporting environment. In this case usability is significantly enhanced because the reporting interface gives us fewer choices. By the way we can have more correlations as well as interactions between various fields. In other words this means that a report writer is able to create more accurate reports and very quickly of course.

I should say that performance is also enhanced because database communications are considerably simplified and certainly streamlined. In fact this matter management reporting environment uses exactly a matter universe for the purpose of anchoring the rest of the data. I’d like to add that a finance universe includes everything closely connected with invoices and budgets. This finance universe can be linked exactly to matters and this should be done when a more complicated report needs some details from both universes.

As for contacts of the universe I can say that they present all the required details in the so called rolodex encompassing all guys as well as companies involved with legal matters in the system. Other universes can be linked to it too when additional contact details are urgently required. Of course I should also mention this timekeeping universe. Exactly this universe is responsible for presenting timesheet data as well as transferring links to the matters and certainly contact universes. By the way there are a lot of other no less important universes. For example I can point out to an intellectual property universe, a risk management universe, a discovery universe and so on. I hope you’ve learnt a lot from this review.

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