It’s known that reporting on third party advertising performance is considered to be rather a challenging and often frustrating task. For example the first challenge is getting a login. Of course I’m talking about exactly that login to a vendor tool. But even if everything is all right with it, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a peaceful and predictable life because there might be another trouble. I mean that you need to understand how to navigate this particular tool and most probably that it’s completely unknown.

But I should say that those troubles mentioned above aren’t so serious from my point of view. As for me I especially dislike having unpredictable snags in the process. It goes without saying that as many other people I hate dealing with complications on my way. But to my great regret we should be ready for probable complications when dealing with complicated systems. But I’d like to help you with some useful advices.

First of all you should take into consideration the fact that sometimes report formats and reporting tools are changed without notice. As you know currently many publishers take advantage of extensive automation. Of course I mean report processing as well as extensive training of reporting employees. So there’s no wonder that this system reacts painfully on any format change. It’s clear that nobody is going to spend the entire week on writing all necessary transformation routines to restore a vendor’s data. Moreover then about 2 weeks will be spent to put the routines into operation. Unfortunately very often a vendor changes its standard report format without informing in advance.

In my opinion vendors should realize that much depends on their reports. In fact it’s not a bad thing to introduce new reporting function to already existing tools because in most cases it improves productivity. But on the other hand they shouldn’t forget about the way of implementation. It’s clear that they should be especially careful. It goes without saying that users should be informed on time. Users should be respected and they have the right of being informed on time from my point of view.

I suppose that the second problem is that users often face certain challenges with the output format of their reporting. And I should stress that I don’t mean a file format in this case but I’m talking about a so called internal formatting. To my great regret many vendors are used to applying this ill-suited canned report format. And in this case users have to see these terrible colors and merged cells. They have to endure extensive calculations. It’s obvious that all of this motioned above can’t make their life easier. On the contrary it causes more and more problems. So you should choose another more suitable format. I hope that your customers will be pleased.

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