Hi, I’d like to talk about online media vendor tools in this review. As you know we often face a serious challenge when dealing with an output format of the reporting. By the way I don’t mean exactly the file format in this case but I’m talking about the internal formatting. The matter is that some vendors have to stiff a lot of work into a so called canned report format. And as the result they have to deal with such awful things as merged cells, bad colors and certainly extensive calculations. It goes without saying that it can’t be helpful for automation. To my great regret in this case we have to spend much time exactly on removing worthless features.

So when designing reporting tools media vendors must start exactly with basic reporting formats from my point of view. As for design it’s advisable to focus on a simple header as well as rows of data. Once it has been done they may make these versions available. It’s clear that it adds more value to this stuff.

And of course I should mention another complication associated with aggregations. To my great regret this problem arises each time you deal with vendor reporting tools. The matter is that some vendors aren’t likely to use reporting tools based exactly on specific date ranges. But other guys are used to limiting the number of included days. As you know the first limitation slows down pacing as well as billing for short flights and. It’s clear that the restriction on the number of days has got a great impact on longer contracts and accordingly it requires multiple pulls of your data as well as much manual work to put it together. From my point of view vendors need to understand that this ability to pull data of a specific range and length is considered to be a minimum requirement for their reporting tools.

Then you should take into consideration so called time zones. In fact the vast majority of vendors realize the whole importance of these zones. But any way some guys still use their tools without taking it into account. Accordingly they gain somewhat worse results. I hope you won’t forget about this essential detail when using vendor tools.

When creating a reporting tool and thinking over the corresponding issues of time zones, vendors need to take into consideration the minimum standards. It’s clear that the report based on time zones must be fully adjustable for the corresponding time zones globally and it should have rather a simple adjustment based exactly on GMT. It goes without saying that the time zone must be clearly mentioned on the reporting tool as well as in the report itself, especially in its header. I hope everything is clear to you in this review.

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