Hi, I’d like to devote this review to time reporting systems. It goes without saying that you really need to take advantage of one of these worthy systems for the sake of your business. But to my great regret choosing this system for the needs of your business may appear to be rather a challenging thing. That’s why I’d like to help you to make your choice.

You should be ready for such an inconvenience that choosing a really suitable time reporting system can be somewhat harder than you expect. It goes without saying that it’s not advisable for you to pick a system without even investigating all the needs and functions. It’s clear that this awkward step of yours will certainly result in such a situation where you may get a very complicated system. I don’t doubt that you don’t want to deal with a troublesome complicated system. On the contrary you’d like to gain benefits from something user-friendly and efficient at the same time.

Of course I should mention such an essential nuance as integration with financial ERP system.
I should say that one of the first decisions you need to make is certainly integrating this system as a part in your already existing economic systems. Perhaps it’s the best option enabling you to significantly reduce your management of projects in corresponding multiple systems. Moreover this way you can avoid importing your time reports into the existing financial system. But on the other hand if you take a look at some users as well as project managers, then you can make such a conclusion that the usability of some integrated systems often appears to have much to be desired to my great regret. As you know the integrated modules are mainly based on corresponding financial and economic systems and as follows from this they can’t specialize in time reporting. That’s why you should take it into account if you don’t want to see your productivity slowing down because of this suspicious innovation. In fact it’s possible to benefit from this solution but you only need to be attentive enough of course.

Of course you need to choose the right degree of complexity. I should say that one of the biggest problems associated with time reporting is certainly getting users to register their own time. It’s clear that the more complicated this particular time reporting system for its users, the more work is required for hunting time reports from users who have already missed their registration period.

By the way people often overlook one essential nuance when choosing a system. Certainly I mean exactly what this particular system need delivering in the form of reports. Of course it’s up to you to choose the best format of presenting data for you. I hope you’ll greatly benefit from this.

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