I know that your business is closely connected with cars. In other words you are running a car rental business. It’s rather profitable but any way you need to develop and improve it. Currently you are concerned with tracking your cars. It goes without saying that this kind of reporting will significantly improve your business. I’m going to tell just a few words about it here below.

I suppose you need to take advantage of Vehicle Tracking Systems if you really want to be always reported of the location of your cars. I should say that these systems are specially configured for transmitting location as well as inputting data at the set update rate or when corresponding event triggers are applied for transmitting data. People usually use so called entry level or in other words real-time vehicle tracking. I should say that this mode is usually associated with those systems that are specially configured to be updated at regular intervals. For example I can point out to such intervals as one minute, two minute and five minute. In fact these update intervals are used when the ignition status is on and as soon as a particular vehicle is parked. Accordingly when ignition is off, this device goes into a standby mode. As you might have guessed in this case updates will be transmitted by the next ignition on. By the way transmissions can also be initiated by a motion sensor. Of course I meant that sensor which is attached to this device.

I should say that a lot of Telematics Service Providers experiencing an increased competition as well as falling prices are likely to show that Telematics can offer more than just this banal vehicle tracking. By the way it’s advisable to pay attention to the combination of messaging and satellite navigation in some products. From my point of view it’s a really great example of product development. I should say that fleet managers are able to choose doing more than just locating a vehicle or even a group of cars. It’s possible for fleet managers as well as job dispatches to locate and certainly track any group of vehicles with the help of Connected Navigation solutions. They also use corresponding customer websites and they transmit and receive a great number of job messages coming to and from drivers. By the way the onboard navigation device is able to automatically create any journey route and then and send it back right to the job dispatch office. So as you can see when using this system more jobs can be successfully completed per day. In this case you can enjoy reduced journey times as well as fuel savings. Besides this your customer satisfaction will be significantly improved.

we are living in the world of high technologies. These days the more your business is automated, the better, in particular in respect of Reporting Services. Reporting is a very helpful thing. So if you need to automate your reporting activities, you might consider trying SQL-RD. Having reporting automated will lead to eliminating repetitive tasks and saving time and money. Look through this SSRS site to find out more details.

And remember that we live in the world of high online technologies. It would be intelligent to make use of the online network to search for anything at the best prices available on the market. Search engines, social networks, blogs and forums – all this will help you solve many issues.