The Basic Conditions Of Mortgage Crediting.

Terms of the mortgage, like any other credit, are characterized primarily by terms of lending and interest rates. Besides, in the case of mortgage the loan amount is a percentage of the value of purchased apartment. The residue part of the value is a so-called initial installment and should be available at the borrower to obtain a mortgage credit. No less important condition is the process of calculating mortgage payments – it will depend on the finite sum that the mutuary will give the mortgage bank for his new apartment.

It is possible to enlarge the amount of the mortgage that the bank is ready to give by application of co-borrowers. Obtaining a mortgage credit is connected with additional costs. The size of these costs can reach 10% of initial fee. Thus, the amount of savings of a borrower cannot be entirely an initial contribution, and should be lowered by the amount of additional costs in order to prevent unpleasant surprises. The bank, dealing with a mortgage, may require confirmation of the revenue with a list of revenue taken into account, and each bank has its own form of their confirmation. Some mortgage lenders require a certain record of service and sureties. Besides, the banks put forward specific requirements for mortgage housing, which is assumed to buy for credit means. Absence of registration in the place where you wish to get a mortgage and buy housing may influence your opportunity to get mortgage, as well as legal nationality.

Ownership of the housing mortgage proceeds to the borrower of a mortgage credit at the moment of purchase and sale of real estate, but there are some restrictions on this right, connected with the mortgage of accommodation. Special loan conditions exist for youth mortgage. Interests of kids in the process of buying and sale of housing impose some restrictions and create special conditions for mortgage crediting. Mortgage and child – is a separate question for investigation. If mortgage – is not the first credit, then a positive credit history of the mutuary may be an additional benefit in getting a mortgage. But if previous credits are not paid off, then it certainly reduces the potential sum of a possible mortgage.

The sum of a mortgage credit.

Primarily, the sum of a mortgage credit is determined by the bank as a percentage of the cost of purchased housing. The maximum amount of a mortgage credit can be up to 100% of this value. The most common size of a mortgage loan – is 80-90%. Some mortgage banks fix a minimum sum of a mortgage – at least 10-30% of the cost of purchased apartment.

Factual amount of the mortgage loan that the mutuary will obtain depends on a few factors: the size of initial fee, borrower’s income, his age, the estimated value of purchased housing.

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