In todays traffic filled world, many people are opting to leave the suburbs seeking to reside close to work within a cities core.

Lofts are a great addition to the housing market and they offer many advantages when compared to traditional – more “box-style” condo layouts… but what’s the idea behind Lofts, and why are Lofts so popular?

In todays market there are two types of loft styles – Industrial Lofts and “Loft Condominiums”.

Living the Toronto Condos lifestyle, you lose the yard maintenance and gain the convenience of close-by shopping, cafes and restaurants, social activities, nightlife and many more all within walking distance from your home.

A Hard Loft is a conversion of a old factory or industrial building. They have a harder edge and are usually constructed of concrete or “mill-style” construction featuring exposed brick, original wood posts and beams and original hardwood floors.

Typically, these conversion lofts have an open floor plan and unfinished ceilings with exposed ductwork, plumbing and electrical components.

Conversion Lofts have a “Historical” value associated with them, typically leading to greater demand and higher resale values. Its typical to find Warehouse Lofts in the more urban areas of a city, making for gentrification of neighbourhoods that were once used solely for industrial uses.

A Conversion Loft may be classified as a “Live/Work” Loft space, designed to allow the owner to reside inside while allowing the space to be used as a business. Loft Condominiums are rarely classified as “Live/Work” spaces, and are used simply for residential purposes.

In recent years developers have built new buildings “Soft Lofts” with some of the characteristics of a hard loft such as high ceilings, large windows and open floor plans. These types of lofts typically have a softer edge… no exposed ductwork or plumbing, carpet in some areas and upscale kitchens and designer baths.

Soft lofts have more in common with traditional condos than a true hard loft. They are better than typical condos in terms of space available featuring less room devisions or part wall room divisions.

Soft Lofts are generally newly constructed loft buildings from the ground up or retain the original “street-scape” facade with new construction, mainly consisting of steel and brick making up the rest of the building.

Condo and loft living is all about the excitement and cultural opportunities of the big city but finding a place can mean sacrificing the larger living spaces found in the suburbs.

Regardless of the type, downtown Condos and Lofts have become a lifestyle choice for many urban dwellers now residing in the big city.

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