It’s easy to get excited by an idea for your small business and then immediately dive straight in doing things which actually turn out to be wrong.

So most solopreneurs answer to this is to grab the 24 hour business plan book. And as you read it your excitement leaks away until by the end you’re completely lost because it has no connection to what you want to achieve.

What you want is a small business plan that tells you what to do, not a document with meaningless numbers and irrelevant predictions of sales.

And it’s because all small business plan books are written by academics who think you’re trying to raise finance. When actually you’re trying to raise a business from an idea in your head to a tangible profit pumping beast which feeds you and makes you look good.

And then you read a few more books and soon your idea is heading for the industrial shredder because you begin believing plans are just for venture capitalist who can’t find the movie channels. And rebels like you don’t need plans.

Then you’re into a downward spiral of no plan, no results, and feeling lost. So, you grab your journal, review your goals, get pumped up and plunge in head first. Straight back to square one.

You do require a plan. A small business plan is essential to taking your idea and translating it into a successful business.

A small business plan should give you direction. It should tell you the actions you need to do today.

And more importantly it should highlight the biggest challenge you’re facing this moment which stand between you and your goal.

And this plan also needs to highlight the answer to eliminating the challenge, so you can keep on building your business successfully.

Typically for most small businesses your plan will uncover a serious hole in your marketing skills initially. So you then amend your small business plan to include the steps to fill that hole.

Which means any small business plan isn’t a one off done and dusted accomplishment.

It’s the core of your decision making and action taking focus. With each step taken, your plan responds to the real results you experience. That’s it’s mission for you. The measured results immediatley show you if you’re on target or wide of the mark.

So I’m hoping you’ve recognized by now that more critically than the small business plan is understanding how to make one.

Knowing how and taking advantage of a planning system. A process which tells you what’s stopping you getting to your goal and then helps you find the solution.

Your planning then turns that solution into a specific set of steps.

With each action executed, you gather more results. That is real feedabck

Planning is the core of your weekly activities. A small business plan may only last for a day before it changes.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have no idea of how to plan.

So a plan is non existant. And consequently they live a business life of frustration and wheel spinning.

Know how to put together a small business plan. Ensure planning is your number one priority.

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