The David Bach’s book “Millionaire-automatically”, the book is about that how without observing strict financial discipline to get to get to the avenue of wealth. David Bach believes that it is possible to become the millionaire only slightly having changed the financial habits. Once having adjusted deductions in pension schemes, on repayment of credits and even on charity it is possible to meet a secure old age without applying on it the big efforts.

Here the basic things to which the author pays attention of the reader:

It is not obligatory to lead constant accounting of expenses and incomes, it is enough to find the “the latte factor” (the sum that you spend on unnecessary purchasing) and start to postpone it.

It is not obligatory to constitute plans and to lead budgets; instead it is possible to automate deductions on the future. Here that follows, according to David Bach to automate in the finance:

Deductions on pension. For this purpose it is necessary to take part in corporate and state pension schemes, to invest in the balanced funds, to use the tax concessions.

Allocations to reserve on unforeseen situations. That forming of an insurance reserve occurred automatically enough to agree with the employer about transfer of a part of the salary to the separate account.

Payments on a mortgage for own real estate. In the book advantages of the real estate being in the property and purchased on a mortgage over leased at existing rates on mortgage loans are considered. Automation of payments consists in change of the schedule of payments: to replacement of the “whole” monthly payments on “vague”, produced once in two weeks.

Repayment of credits on credit cards. One of useful ideas of the book that it is impossible to direct all money funds liberated from unnecessary expenses on advanced repayment of credits. It is much better to direct half of sum on repayment of credits, and half on accumulating. As the author gives the help how to choose a credit card with which it is possible to begin advanced repayment.

Deductions on charity.

However, the ideas of automation described by the author are this that pearl for the sake of which it is necessary to read the book. Certainly, completely to refuse habits of financial discipline also it is not necessary. They give the chance to recustomize in time the program and more effectively to use the received incomes, not to give in to a temptation, to spend an insurance reserve or to use pension accruals not for the designated purpose etc. Also the ideas of automation described in the book, it is possible to use not only in the American realities. It is possible to find similar methods, applicable in any country.

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