Not so long ago magazine Forbes has constituted the list from the most successful venture investors. Interesting that almost all participants of the given list still put up about 10 years ago money in the IT company, today, of course, they haven’t refused completely from IT, and actively invest in new Internet startups, but the basic money, in their opinion, will turn round alternative energy sources.

It is necessary to tell that “market” of venture investments grows from year to year. Only in 2007 its total volume has constituted 35 billion dollars. As well as everywhere among venture investors there are stars world renowned, the most successful, sometimes the richest, and precisely the most well-known.

John Dorr

Perhaps, he is the most known venture investor in the world. It represents company Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. It has put the hand to success of such companies, as Google, Amazon, Sun Microsystems, Intuit and many other things. Dorr today is the instructor of many young investors. By the way, he considers that as a whole training of the venture investor manages in 30 million dollars.

Not so long ago John Dorr has appeared at the conference of Apple devoted to the environment of applications programming for a communicator iPhone. There the investor has declared about fund opening iFund in which it has enclosed 100 million dollars. The fund will sponsor the most talented software developers for iPhone. However, the basic prospect of Dorr sees any more in IT, but in alternative energy sources. He even repeatedly declared that intends “to win war against global warming” (no wonder if your friend is Albert Gore). Now he already invested in such companies, as Amyris (prosecutes subjects of creation of biofuel and struggle against a malaria), Bloom Energy (various fuel elements), Miasole (development of the batteries working on solar energy). These are the most interesting companies in a portfolio of Dorr, but not all.

Except investment of the money today Dorr willingly trains young venture investors, is engaged (pays) researches in the field of deckman cages, and actively stands up for new reforms of formation in the USA.

Michael Moritts

He is John Dorr’s main competitor. Till now the public doesn’t hide the surprise how young Sergey Brin and Larry Pedgu managed to persuade Dorr and Moritts to invest together in Google. Today Moritts is company owner of Sequoia Capital. Interesting that Michael isn’t American. He was born in the Wales. He was disaccustomed in prestigious Oxford, having graduated teachers of history, and then has gone to America to earn billions. Also has earned.

Fixed capital of Moritts has hammered together at the expense of the IT companies. In due time he invested in Yahoo!, Paypal and Google. (Thus last has brought to it 15 billion dollars, at investments in 12,5 million) Except this Moritts in due time has sold company Atom Entertainment MTV for 200 million, at investments in 90 million dollars.

Certainly, as well as any investor Morittsa had also unsuccessful projects. For example, he has enclosed in due time in company Red-Envelope of 110 million dollars. Now, market capitalization of this company constitutes all 30 million. In the spring of 2007 Michael Moritts has left company Google board of directors. He doesn’t intend to sit in one place.

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