famous venture investors:

Rem Shrerem

In due time he was among establishers of company Netscape which have presented the first browser for the Internet, participated in creation of Amazon. The fixed capital of Shrerem has made thanks to investments in Google. (It is no wonder) the Basic object attention for the IT companies. Today he invests in such Internet startups as Mint, representing online service on management house (and not only) the finance, ChaepTrip – on-line traveling agency for inhabitants of India, Xoom.in – certain analog Flickr for inhabitants of India. In general, Shrerem has purchased not so long ago also the large animated company from India. For today the investor represents company SHERPALO.

4) David Chariton

He is the richest teacher of a planet. David Chariton is professor of Stanford. Moreover, he really constantly teaches there computer sciences. He is the professor of the Canadian origin. (More than 1 billion dollars) he has hammered together the capital on IT. The activity he has begun together with Andreas FonBehtolskham has based company Granite Systems which has been sold subsequently to Cisco Systems for 220 million dollars.

However, it was not the last business of the professor. A little bit later he became the founder of company Kealia which has been sold already for more modest money – 90 million. The buyer has acted as Sun Microsystems. Well and further already American dream follows probably; David Chariton was enclosed in Google at an early stage.

Professor Chariton despite the huge fortune leads modest enough conduct of life. He often invests in formation to the detriment of himself. For example, recently he has allocated 25 million dollars to school of Waterloo. There the professor rides certainly not the Bentley, but the Volkswagens and Honda.

5) Andreas FonBehtolskham

His financial condition exceeds 2,3 billion dollars. He is one of founders of the company of Sun Microsystems. Then, truth, he has left the company to be engaged in other projects. Among them Granite Systems and Kealia. Last has been sold to Sun then also Behtolskham has returned to the former company.

Andreas is the very first investor in Google. He has enclosed in the company of all of 200 thousand dollars. Today it hardly is more than 2 billion. By origin Behtolskham is German, also as well as Arnold Shvartsenneger moved to the USA to become successful. Both it was possible.

Apparently from this five, all of them have grown rich on IT technologies. Probably that in 10 years Forbes will constitute a rating where there will be same investors, but only in columns about the companies in which they invested – the IT companies, and alternative energy sources will appear also in that very list.

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