People always ask why they should buy a 2nd home or vacation property in Breckenridge or other surrounding Summit County community today. As a resident, albeit a new one, I’m shocked that anyone needs a reason to buy Keystone Real Estate now. But for those analytical types who need some persuasion, I’ve put together a simple list of why you should buy your Colorado Mountain Retreat today!

1. You can’t call the bottom! Bulls, Bears, but no Pigs on Wall Street. If you wait, you risk properties not being available later. Right now inventories of resale homes are at near record highs in Keystone, but who knows how long this will last – Act now to find the right Colorado Mountain Home for you!
2. What have you gained if prices decline but interest rates rise? You will actually be no better off than buying now. Interest rates extremely low and they won’t stay here forever!
3. Sellers are really willing to deal NOW. As soon as the market turns, it will be much harder to get concessions. Want the Hot Tub included? Ask for it! The average time on market is currently around 6 months, and SELLERS NEED TO SELL NOW! Your best shot at getting everything you want is today!
4. Other buyers with similar interests are getting into the market now because they recognize the tremendous opportunity that exists right now! The great deals are being snapped up daily while you wait.
5. The Mountains are still the most amazing place to spend your spare time…This should probably be the #1 Reason! :):):)
Today Breckenridge Ski Area surpassed its all time record snowfall accumulation – 506” beating the record set in the ‘90’s of 504”. Those of us lucky enough to live here were able to experience the season in its full glory – don’t let an opportunity like this pass you by. Just imagine the time spent with your family on the ski slopes, hiking trails, bike trails and fabulous main street shops and restaurants. This is a gift you can give to yourself, your spouse and your children! The gift of time spent together.

Breckenridge isn’t just for vacationers anymore, many, many people live here year round and are able to find gainful employment in the communities of Summit County. The advent of telecommuting has allowed many professionals who in the past would have been chained to a desk Monday through Friday to work from remote locations such as Breckenridge. Summit County’s proximity to the Denver Metro area allows telecommuters to get to a corporate office in Denver or to DIA in typically less than 2 hours when they need to. So if you are a lucky telecommuter, why not do it from Summit County rather than Highlands Ranch?

So it is time to take action – Colorado Mountain Retreats Realty is here to serve your needs in Copper Mountain today.

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