If you have to put your existing residence up for sale, You better be ready. If you have been in that house for over 5 years, its not the same old market! Get a really good realtor, get your home inspected FIRST and get things repaired, replaced or upgraded. Yea I know, that’s a lot of money. But if you have to sell right now, you better have the “diamond” of the block. There are so many other homes out there that are vacant, but they have already been upgraded or were custom from the start. It should be no surprise that you wait and wait and wait but no one buys your house. You drop your price, and no one comes. You change your Realtor and still no interest. Why? Because the inventory is so great and the buyers are more knowledgeable. The market has changed. Short sales and auctions are here to stay. Another problem, the owner/bank that holds the property. They move slow, they take multiple offers, and then sucker or push up bids. Is there anyone watching all this? My opinion…stay where you are unless you can AFFORD to move…just my .02.

Buying a home? Buying a home is great. Owning a home is a lot of work! If you buy an older home (10 – 15 years old plan for $500 – 5000 per year. Younger homes (2 – 10 years old) will range from $100 – 1000. Replace a water heater and you can spend around $600 – 1000, and a new furnace can run upwards of $8000 or more. Why am I telling you this? Because most home buyers do not plan for these expenses. And most home warranties and ALL home owners insurances do not cover aged equipment.

So you are buying a home, a foreclosure or a HUD house. You need to get it evaluated/inspected by an impartial 3rd party! There are lots of reasons but the main one is to make sure that your dream does not turn into a nightmare. Not to scare anyone but MANY (not ALL) the vacant homes that are on the market are in need of work. Even if they look good on the surface, they have issues. A furnace that needs work can run you $200 – $1500 and a new water heater will run you $600 – $1000. Those are just some of the little “routine” replacement items. What about replacing a roof or repairing a crumbling foundation? Thousands easy! Get them ALL inspected.

What about the inspection report? I recommend one with lots of photos and diagrams. Why? Because if you need to get something repaired or replaced, how do you know what to tell a repairman or contractor? Sending a contractor to the back corner of the house or to the right window, will not cut it. Use the report like a google map for the contractor to pinpoint the defect. You need an inspector who cares enough about you and your house to give you the report you need. When you choose an inspector, make sure you ask him about the type of report that they provide.

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