If you are getting serious about rental property investment, you will need to be able to determine if a property is likely or not to be profitable for you. The last thing you want to do is invest in a piece of property and find out that you are loosing money each month because your expenses on the property are more than your income from renting it! One of the best ways you can begin to evaluate your potential investment property is through the use of an investment property calculator. You can easily find investment calculators of all kinds on the Internet.

An investment calculator can assist you by showing you many of the probable outcomes you can expect of your investment. Investment property calculators use very complex mathematical equations to give you fair financial analysis of your potential investments. They look at all of your routine mortgage and upkeep costs, and they also can give you an idea of your income and tax considerations for the property, as well.

By simply looking on the Internet, with a good search engine such as Google, you can very effortlessly find a multitude of free investment property calculators which you can easily use to evaluate rental property. Into the property investment calculator, you will input all of your monthly rental income, the monthly loan repayment costs associated with any financing you have on the property, and the operating expenses which are necessary to maintain the property in question each month.

From all of the data you have entered the calculator will then give you rough estimates of your monthly cash flow you can expect from the investment, your annual building tax deduction which you can legally take, and any changes which might occur in the amount of taxes you will be paying on the property.

Mortgage investment calculators are complex enough to take both positive and negative values into consideration such as income, taxes, and payments. The calculator is a great way to determine if your potential investment property will earn you money, or conversely cost you money. It can also be helpful in determining the rent which you will want to charge your tenants for rental of the property.

Most mortgage calculators do have some limitations which you need to be aware of, however. Most of them assume that your expenses are the same each month over any given year. While it’s a nice basis, we all know that you can have a very costly repair and your numbers will no longer be anywhere near close to accurate. But, in this scenario you can run the calculator again and re-evaluate the numbers it gives you.

Many mortgage calculators also do not take into consideration many of the important tax issues you will be faced with. They do not see any rebates you might receive, or any tax deductions which you may be eligible to claim which would reduce your overall tax obligation

While investment property calculators can be very valuable tools for you to use, you will want to understand that they do have some limitations and as always you will want to consult with professional tax accountants when necessary.

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