Warning Notices For Breach Of Fire Regulations On A High!

The number of enforcement notices served in the month of February in London alone went up to 50. (http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/)

Why are so many properties getting in trouble with the fire authorities? Why are basic fire safety guidelines being ignored?

Are your premises and your staff safe? Have you carried out a fire risk assessment recently? Do you know your responsibility towards fire safety and the regulations?

The Fire safety law in UK has changed. In October 2006 a new order came in force replacing over 70 pieces of fire safety laws.

What does that mean?
It means Fire certificates will no longer be issued to all but certain high-risk establishments. This has now been replaced with the requirement for fire safety risk assessment. Employers have become solely responsible for fire safety within their workplaces.
Each individual company is responsible for their own fire safety. The employer must conduct a fire risk assessment regardless of the size of the risk, Staff Fire Training, Fire Warden Training and the provision of fire emergency plans and maintenance of adequate fire safety precautions. The companies identified responsible person would therefore take full corporate liability.
Who does it apply to?
§ All businesses which employ more than five people
§ All licensed premises

Recent case study:

Blackburn hostel owner pays out £4,500 after fatal fire

A hostel owner has been found guilty of fire safety breaches after a fatal fire at his premises.
Sajed Hussain, 33, was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,500 in costs at Preston Crown Court on Monday (14 March.)
The fire at the Devonshire Hotel, in Bridge Street, Blackburn, 2008, led to the death of Paul Barker. Mr Barker had been smoking in his room at the time, according to local press.
While the prosecution found no causal link between the failures and the fatality, the fire highlighted an inappropriate evacuation procedure, among other offences.
Joe Hart, prosecuting, said: “It is impossible to say, if the evacuation had been speedier, whether Mr Barker would have survived.
“Accordingly, the Crown cannot say there is a causal link between the failure admitted and his death.”
Mr Hussain pleaded guilty to a failure to comply to make a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment and to have a sufficient number of competent persons to implement an evacuation procedure for the premises. He had also failed to maintain the fire alarm inefficient working order and test fire safety equipment.
There was no roll call taken, no assembly point and no immediate evacuation of the premises, which serves as a hostel for men over the age of 25. There was also no immediate call to Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, the Lancashire Telegraph reported.
A fire alarm had been heard and an evacuation had taken place, with Mr Hussain attempting to save Mr Barker from his room, according to the paper.
The building has since been fitted with a new alarm system and CCTV, the court heard.
Watch manager Chris Caton, based at Blackburn Fire Station, on hearing that the owner of the property had pleaded guilty to the charges brought, said:
“This case shows how vital it is to have a proper evacuation procedure in place, in the absence of which meant that the victim of the fire, Mr Paul Barker, didn’t get the best chance he could have had to survive.
“Though seconds count to escape safely when there’s a fire, an indication of the inadequacy of the fire protection measures in place in the property meant that a full 16 minutes elapsed between the fire alarm sounding and the 999 call being dialled, which is completely unacceptable

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