What Are The Long Term Implications Of Miami Foreclosures

The realty market is not being kind to Miami Florida as Miami foreclosures rose 31% in the first quarter of this year. In what is starting to seem as if it is a nationwide trend, the country’s largest cities are seeing a considerable rise in foreclosure activity. In the case of Miami, it was, in high percentage, the property investors that were looking to make a quick profit that are those hurting.

In years past their methods of buying low, fixing up, and then selling fast could have worked, but no longer. The market in Miami has softened to the point where very few individuals are purchasing, and the investors are bound to properties they cannot pay on. Foreclosures in Miami are not inclusive to this scenario, but it certainly didn’t help the numbers very much.

In the first quarter alone there were 987 foreclosure auctions in Miami-Dade county, which translates into 127 houses per 1,000. This also translates naturally into a lot homes sitting vacant with the possibility of falling into various states of disrepair. This is one aspect, physically distressed houses, that creates property values to go down in the neighborhoods where these houses are. While at first glance this seems like it wouldn’t be good for housing in general, it genuinely is ultimately.

The market in Miami is soft right now which suggests that for people to start buying again, the costs are going to need to drop. One method for them to do this is if the appraised values drop, and one way that this happens is if the houses are “distressed properties”. This term not just reflects the financial condition of the house, but the strength as well. So in the end, the longer that a Miami foreclosure house sits vacant the lower the value of that house goes, as will the realistic asking price.

Miami foreclosures are in no way good for the overall temporary economy of the greater Miami area. If the speculators in the realty market want to do the persons of Miami a favor, they will give the people a picture of what everything can realistically look like in 5 years. Foreclosures and vacant, boarded up housing may well be on the rise right now, but every professional in the business knows that this is just part of a bigger cycle.

Nothing in the real estate business lasts forever, whether it is bad or good. This is just part of a cycle that will see its way around and things will pick back up eventually. When this occurs is dependant upon a great deal of aspects that are mainly up to the buyers and sellers. It is up to the professionals even so to see that the purchasers and sellers have as much accurate information as possible on Miami foreclosures.

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