What You Must Know When Acquiring The Mortgage Loan?

In the United States settlement of housing problem using a mortgage loan has become the norm. The share of mortgage loans is more than 90% of all deals associated with the purchase of accommodation.

What credits can be? Loans are divided into two types: consumer and target.

Consumer loan.

Consumer loan is issued for a short term and is limited in the amount, i.e., having even very high wages, you will not able to get credit more than a certain sum. But you are able to apply such a credit for anything while you do not put up security.

Target credit.

Purpose credit has a precise definition of aims, which can be applied for and the bank will monitor it. Mortgage credit – is a purpose credit, which is issued for the buying real estate and on collateral of this property.

What is a mortgage?

Mortgage – is a system of long-term credits given for buying housing. The main benefit of this method is that the buyer has the opportunity to make an initial fee, which is typically 10-30% of the purchase price and begin living in a new place. The remaining amount will be paid out during 10-20 years. A new flat will be bail for the bank.

Benefits of mortgage credit.

• No need to wait the needed amount of savings for acquisition of housing.

• With a constant increase in property prices it is more favorable to buy an apartment on tick than to save funds for it for a few years.

• Mortgage allows you buying accommodation of higher quality than you could afford, using only your savings.

Generally, the mortgage scheme is following:

• The creditor (e.g. bank) issues a loan on the purchase of real estate to the recipient of the loan;

• The borrower acquires real property at the expense of the loan;

• Acquired property is issued as bail for credit;

• Real estate acquired by the loan subscriber is left at the recipient of the loan in his possession and use with definite restrictions.

Documentation necessary for obtaining the credit:

– Filled application form;

– Civilian passport and the duplicate of passport of the wife / husband (all pages with information);

– Marriage certificate, birth certificate;

– ID of tax payer of the mutuary and wife / husband of the recipient of the loan;

– Certificate of employment, certified by the accounting department, which proves the position of the borrower (wife / husband) and payroll and withholding taxes for the last 6 months;

– Documents confirming the other income of the borrower.

The process of acquiring the credit for the purchased property:

– The recipient of the loan goes to the bank to obtain the prior aggreement of the bank to issue the needed loan amount.

– The borrower collects all necessary documents.

– The bank gives a preliminary conclusion about the issue of the necessary loan amount to the future buyer.

– It is chosen the apartment and the deposit is made.

– It is gathered all needed documents and information required for obtaining the loan.

– Bank’s Credit Committee makes the ultimate decision about issuance of the credit (2-7 days).

– The sales treaty is signed.

– An insurance policy is drawn.

– The state registration of the transaction.

It is the main stages of credit registration.

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