What You Need To Know About Investment Property

Classified as an investment property is any property that is obtained with the purpose of gaining and expecting returns. Apartment building, single-family dwelling, a vacant lot or a commercial property are the forms of investment property. Real estate is one of an essential type. Pertaining to the property that the owner does not occupy is termed investment property.

The following are examples of investment property.

For undetermined future use the land was held.

Under an operating lease or a vacant building that is to be rented.

Any currently constructed property.

For a long term appreciation the land was held.

Whether bought as a home or as a business venture, buying a property is a lucrative venture. Purchasing a multiple unit dwelling as an investment property is a beginner’s approach. The remaining units can be rented out while living only in one unit. This way you can use the rent money for mortgage payments that you earn from your renters. Owners can enjoy the collected rent and at the same time they can fully pay their property in the long run.

To finance further the property you purchase you can use any equity you have in your property. Fair market value of the property less the existing liabilities inclusive of any liens refers to equity. To borrow against the equity in a property is a common practice. Rates of the property that will serve as collateral in securing loans are then somewhat competitive. The lesser risk there in the better rate you are going to be offered in lending.

Investment property is bought at a tax sale sometimes. Property will be auctioned if there is a failure of the owner to honor the property tax payment for certain period of time. Minimum bid will be a starter then it goes higher, enough to cover the back taxes and other related expenses incurred. At a relatively minimal cost the investor can still buy the property. This is an example when the new owner is given an opportunity to resell the property at the market value, or renovate or upgrade the property and sell at a premium price or to hold and have it rented to bring a regular income in a hope to have a capital gain.

Adding the cash flow from rent or resale and subtracting it at any cost such as taxes, mortgage and insurance is a way of measuring the return of investment. The total amount invested which could be purchase price plus renovations shall then be divided. To get the percentage multiply this by 100. Calculate once if you are purchasing for a resale but it is normally measured on an annual basis if you are renting out the property. Whether the property is worth purchasing or if there are any better deals out there, return of investment calculation will give you an idea.

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