When is the right time to buy an investment Property

One of the most common questions asked by Australian property investors is when is the right time to get started in property investment? Should you wait until you are more financially established or should you postpone buying your first home and buy an investment property instead?

These and many other questions face the first time property investor, but the fact is there are no simple answers to any question. The answer really lies in a more comprehensive approach to property investment as a whole. The fittest and healthiest members of our community do not get their advice out of magazines and newspaper articles, they consult medical experts, dieticians and other health-related professionals and put a plan in place that incorporates a healthy diet and regular exercise.

It is the same in the case of property investments. You should start by consulting experts in the field before you buy your first investment property. This may include a one-stop shop investment advisory service or consoling with a range of professionals including accountants, property strategists, solicitors, mortgage brokers and quantity surveyors. Collectively, these experts provide you with the full suite of products you need to make successful and profitable decisions.

To get down to the nitty-gritty however, it is impossible to pinpoint any time in history when purchasing property may or may not have been a good decision. The most important thing to consider is your personal circumstances, because whilst you might be able to afford to purchase a property at a certain time in the cycle, other investors may not be so fortunate. The decision is really based around your personal circumstances and priorities.

Some pundits say that the best time to buy property is when there is limited stock on the market and not many buyers. This is a simple case of supply and demand and any economic theory will tell you this is true. However, if you are not in a position to borrow sufficient funds or to have the comfort in terms of cash flow to service a loan in the absence of adequate rental income, then the circumstances are certainly not right for you.

That’s why it is always important to take professional advice at any stage of the market cycle to ensure that you are in the best position to proceed with the purchase. The best financial plans lay out a long-term strategy with constant reviews so that adjustments can be made for psychical economic conditions as they develop. There is no point having a ‘purchase at any price’ mentality simply because you think it is a good idea; you should only proceed when you have sound professional advice to back you up, coupled with independent research. It is not just about when you buy, but more importantly where and what you buy.

You can buy an investment property at any time and make a profit, over a reasonable time frame, considering you take care of what and where you buy.

Never try to second-guess what the market will be doing in the future. Base your property investment decisions upon well researched professional advice and be prepared to adapt your strategy to suit changing circumstances including your own as well as what’s happening on the world stage.


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