So how to get one million of dollars in your pocket?

The matter is that money at their correct use creates money.

Let’s see how it occurs on a bank deposit example: The bank deposit is placing of your money on the bank account on a definite period; after a deposit length the bank returns you a deposit amount plus pays certain interest for using your money.

Imagine a coin in 1 dollar.

Frankly to say, it is insignificant money. However, let’s look what can happen to this coin in some time. If you place 1 dollar on the annual deposit with the interest rate of 14 % annual, in a year the bank will return you of 1 dollar plus of 14 % from 1 dollar and that constitutes 14 cents. As a result you receive 1,14 dollars.

You decide to extend the relations with bank and again place the money, already 1,14 dollars, on the annual deposit under 14 % annual. In a year you receive 1,14 + 0,16 = 1,3 dollars. If you repeat it year after year the described procedure your contribution will continuously increase, and, at last, in 106 years, will turn to the sum of 1 076 252,67 dollars! Notice, after all we began with one dollar; how many there at you now in a purse? Maybe a thousand will be gained? Hold more strongly your purse as you got in hands 2,15 BILLION dollars:)))!

This is all real, however only term in 106 year is not really available, but you have available 20-30-50 years, frankly speaking. I however have resulted the example not for the sake of idle arithmetic.


Even one dollar which you can keep today will turn to one million eventually. It is, so to say, a composition basic element.

Let’s try to complicate it a little.

So far as the dollar grows to one million, let’s plant not one dollar, but two. What is the time required that 2 dollars have grown to one million? 102 years. And if to begin with 10 dollars? 89 years are necessary. Well and if one hundred to allocate for this good business? Only 72 years it turns out.

The fascinating mathematics, only all the same long turns out. However there is an idea. And let imagine that we put into the account one dollar and we will wait and then start to put every day on the account additional one dollar. In this case you save up one million for 46 years. Well and can you master 2 dollars every day? Then you will got your million in 41 years. We will daily count the plan for ten dollars? You will need 29 years. And if you are capable to allocate every day for it 100 dollars, in 13 years you will be the millionaire.

And here now the main thing comes. All is simple. Understand that each dollar which you spend can potentially make you very rich – provided that you won’t spend it, and keep and will force to work on you. Leave him alone and protect, it needs time to grow. Your task is to keep a part of money which you intend to spend. Start to save today directly at least ten dollars every from that money which nowadays, probably, are used unreasonably and you very soon will be a millionaire!

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