Of course I know for sure that you’re eagerly looking forward to improve your PM. You really need to solve this problem. It goes without saying that your employees should work much better and in general your business organization should become more efficient and competitive.

First of all you should take advantage of employee-based reporting. As you know sometimes
PM tasks are very similar to a box of chocolates. So I just mean that in this case the best pieces are usually snapped up by the first guys to have a look at the available selection.

I should say that one university for whom I developed a PM system faced a big problem with windshield time. But when the new system was fixed by me these guys thanked me a lot because they realized the whole importance their work optimization.

And what about location-based reporting? Having obtained a really good handle on your pieces of equipment in need of your proper maintenance and the guys responsible for doing the work, you can gain just a little fancy with tuning geographically your great variety of PM operations.

From my point of view it’s an unnecessary waste of time for any employee to work only on one piece of equipment and in one particular area, and to have to return to this area later in a week to do another bit of maintenance on another piece of equipment and even to do a different task on the same item. By the same principle it’s very handy for a mechanic to be aware of the fact if a particular item requires some maintenance. Of course one could perform when being in the area to fix a bug when an emergency case arises.

I should say that a lot of PM systems usually churn out corresponding lists of tasks at rather a regular interval when these tasks arise. But I should stress that a more advanced system gives a shop manager or mechanic an opportunity to see all the data not as a computer wants them to see it, but as they want to see it. Moreover this system allows its users to generate their work requests when they are really ready and when it makes sense of course. It goes without saying that rigidly designed reporting systems are usually as troublesome as the absence of these systems at all from my point of view.

So as you can see using PM solutions can free up a great number of your working hours and it will make a sort of cascading effect for your maintenance operations. In other words you’ll be able to provide better services for your customers and certainly your bottom line will be significantly improved.

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