It’s known that dashboards are very popular tools in any kind of business. I should say that these tools are used as the presenter of somebody’s business data. In this case the relevant data of a particular company is placed exactly in these dashboards and as the result of this all the members of the organization get an excellent opportunity to analyze their performance. These days using dashboards is considered to be a significant part of business management and it allows managers to monitor trends as well as abnormalities quickly. In other words these guys will be able to make decisions almost instantly.

Now many dashboards come with so called key performance indicators also known as KPI. To cut a long story short KPI is used to find out what components of a particular business system lead to success. So KPI dashboard is a really great tool enabling us to organize data and present it in quite a simple way so both employees and managers could quickly see how they are performing. In most cases KPI dashboards are composed of spreadsheets, tables, charts and certainly graphs.

A lot of data can be stored on a dashboard in rather an understandable way. As I’ve mentioned above this data includes these efficient key performance indicators telling you that your goals are met. Other information presented on a dashboard includes amounts, numbers as well as description on every KPI, recommendations, results of analysis and certainly some space for making notes or reminders.

It’s clear that the formats of the dashboard vary widely. And nowadays there are many KPI dashboard examples available for free on the net. And it’s possible to find special dashboard formats created for specific business fields. There are a lot of available dashboard templates provided by various KPI software programs. And accordingly these templates have got quite different formats but in spite of this they have the same purpose which is providing people with a quick and easy way to inspect the health of the company.

I should say that the selection of a particular template will depend mainly on the preferences of users. There’s no wonder that in most cases users choose exactly the most convenient easy-to-use templates. It’s evident that choosing complex templates can’t be a good idea, because in this case users may be confused greatly. If you are a beginner then it’s obvious that choosing the simplest template is the best solution for you.

By the way dashboards are very easy to operate due to the fact that they are based exactly on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You can also use modified and customized dashboards. These dashboards have got a simpler navigation as well as features. So hurry up to use this great achievement of human progress.

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