Your Best Bets for Overseas Investment Property

Some people are lucky enough to have enough capital for overseas property. Overseas investment property is a big deal, and only the keenest ones stand to really profit from it. If you are one of these people, you will benefit from knowing what the best bets are for overseas investment property. These are just some of the surest places where you have a better chance of getting higher returns.

Scoping the World’s Best Investment Property

In overseas investment property, France should be high on your list. There are lower risks associated with investing in properties in France. They have a long history of being a safe place to buy investment property. Consider the fact that they were the very first country to recover from the 2009 recession, which leaves the impression that the credit crunch which affected the entire world had very little impact on them – unlike many of their European counterparts.

Second would be Norway. The value of residential properties in Norway is quite on the affordable side, so you will have nice pickings to check out. Like France, the effect of the 2009 recession on Norway is far from disastrous. The Scandinavian property market is relatively unscathed. With a strong economy backing it up and the reputation for being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, Norway is a great candidate for your next overseas investment property. The third ideal location for you to pour capital into overseas investment property would be Switzerland. This tax-friendly nation are very active in attracting individuals who have very high net worth, so it will do you well to dip your fingers into this as well. The hedge funds of Switzerland have performed quite impressively such that the demand for more homes to be rented out and bought has also risen.

Moving Eastward

A little bit to the right side and down the globe would be Australia, yet another great bet for overseas investment property. The economy of Australia and the property market are considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, with plenty of busy, productive and positive activities here and there. While the unemployment rate was affected by the financial crisis, it also was very quick in bringing it down. Along with it is the rise in residential property appreciation which is at a respectable 4.2 %.

If you like the idea of investing in the East, then you will be happy to note that Malaysia is also part of the list of the best places in the world for where you can pour your capital for investment property. It has very robust laws on property ownership and very attractive mortgage rates. Despite some political uncertainties, market projections are quite good and one will be impressed at how well it has managed all throughout the global financial crisis.

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