Let us talk in this article about plurality of the financial purposes

I know, people speak about money as something bad and that you won’t purchase anything good for it, but I would like to be convinced of it on a private experience.

Each person in the life aspires to realization and achievement of only own desires and the purposes. On my deep belief the person that is not having them is simply exists, instead of lives!

Difficulty consists in that each of us has a great variety of these purposes. And that are connected with the finance, much more, than universal, creative, spiritual and other not connected with our financial position. Therefore our life is anything other as constant and incessant search of methods and methods of finding of a financial prosperity.

In the contradiction with habitual saying: “happiness and money different things!”, it is necessary to recognize that execution of our desires depends on having enough of money funds available for us. After all it is difficult to find the person who doesn’t dream of availability of a monetary reserve on contingencies, the sufficient current and pension income, decent housing conditions and means of transportation, worthy formation for yourself and children etc. Without it, whatever one may do you will not get anywhere.

Having provided yourself with “sufficient means”, we will inevitably reach accomplishment of the overwhelming majority of own aspirations, or if want whims.

Therefore further we will speak about the financial purposes and especially about their quantity.

The saddest thing consists in that for provision of by all desirable material benefits we have only unique financial source – our salary or pension. The terms, taken away to us for achievement of a material prosperity more than compressed.

Despite it, financial consultants advise to us even more to narrow our time range for achievement of own financial purposes, suggesting to execute before the beginning of creation of the personal capital a number of obligatory condition precedents:

To save up a monetary reserve for “rainy day”, for contingencies and maintenance of an available material level of living throughout 6-12 months without additional sources of the income;

To insure yourself from any life cases and for any occasions, for provision of material protection at approach of time work incapacity, physical inability or other vital disorders.

Even if not to consider that circumstance that is simply “sprays” and consequently reduces profitableness of insignificant means available for us, it is not difficult to see that for accomplishment of these “condition precedents” it is required to us from 5 till 10th years of our life. So what you need to do is to start acting and doing something right now, because you still have a lot of time to do it.

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