For this reason seeing hopelessness of offered variants of an exit from the developed unenviable financial position, the majority of people chooses absolutely other “current” of own life. For them anything else doesn’t remain as soon as one “knock down” in himself perspective desires to underestimate a lath of the purposes and to continue to live as everybody else.

Offered by specialists from the finance crushing of our material purposes, at least, considerably removes their execution in time if not to tell more directly it does their achievement almost impossible.

After all everybody know that if you want to do something and especially to change something in your life you have to make some efforts, be patients and go to the end. So what to do in this situation what is the way out from it?

I see only one exit and it is to unite all financial purposes in one and to put a maximum of available material and non-material efforts for its achievement.

And what is this purpose? It is simple enough: “It is necessary to provide independently for yourself a constant sufficient current revenue which wouldn’t depend on availability or absence of work or pension, problems with health, from age or formation”.

Achievement of this purpose will allow providing possibility of worthy accepting of any reality situations. At its embodiment in life, necessity of creation of a monetary reserve for a “rainy day”, insurance of the life and health, creation of the accumulating capital, in that understanding which in it is put by followers of long-term investments in share investment funds automatically disappears.

Expecting your objections if not indignation, on so “seditious”, running counter to the standard foundations of financial independence statements, I will tell the following. Achievement of the specified purpose isn’t extremely impracticable and something that is impossible to do as everything is achievable in this life.

On the contrary, at the certain personal relation to accumulating and distribution of the available money funds directed on achievement of the financial prosperity and conservative (don’t confuse with “passive” investment) investment, provision of “constant sufficient current revenue” becomes more than real.

Therefore, coming back to the conclusion it is essential to tell that on a way to your prosperity and financial freedom it is not necessary to do all in ones but to choose some good and reliable financial scheme of enrichment and follow it constantly until you get exactly what you want. And believe me if you do that it will lead you right to the success to that financial position that you want to obtain, you just need to make the first step and the first effort and you won’t stop after that, that is for certain.

The days when governments have been flooding people with all sorts of grants have passed. At least for some time. But that does not mean that you should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is doable with wise attitude; small business grants including.

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