Business Opportunity

Accountants-How to keep your clients forever.


Clients are demanding more for their money and expecting a wider range of services from accounting  firms. They are tired of paying  fees and not getting all the results and services they need under one roof. They either muddle on and fail or try to find help elsewhere.

Businesses are suffering

Consequently , businesses are suffering and some are even going down the tubes, causing YOU loss of income through reduced or in some cases NO fees and Lost or dissatisfied clients.

New Approach

The Accounting industry has identified this problem and has initiated a new approach to the small medium enterprise market . Instead of only offering accounting services in compliance with IRD requirements they have expanded and are offering a multitude of Business growth and Business protection services under one roof.

Client feels Secure

Why this concept is so important is that your client feels secure within an environment that offers them some protection from the ravages of a volatile and competitive market place. Secure in the knowledge that they have the right tools, processes and structure for business growth and the right levels of business protection .Furthermore, they feel comfortable dealing with a firm that they already trust to do their accounting.

Umbrella  Services

Within the umbrella of add on services offered include Business coaching, Business marketing, Business Planning, IT and Infrastructure support.

Although, accounting firms don’t necessarily have the focus, structure or expertise to provide these services to their clients. Those that do find that their clients stick with them and prosper .

A Loyal prosperous and happy client is the best client to have because he is able to spend more and purchase more.

What if it were possible to increase your services for FREE would that be a great proposition for your business  too?


Better performing businesses with higher turnover and profits can only mean 1 thing – You can charge higher fees . At the same time providing  a loyalty programme that locks them into your business and locks the competition out. Eliminating client defections.

Instantly you are offering more value , providing better services and becoming a trusted advisor in their business.

How do you get started?

Introducing HiSpeed Consulting

We are accredited by the Better Business Institute and through participation and subsequent graduation a certified member of Rodney Economic  Development Trust’s Business Box business development programme.

We have identified that the need exists and offer a range of business growth and Protection services designed for small medium enterprise business owners .Including, Business Planning , Business Coaching, On and Off line Marketing, IT support, Process -Compliance management, Website design and Project Management.


We partner with progressive organisations that are interested and willing  to provide comprehensive services to their clients in order to improve their businesses and create growth.We would like to like to speak with you about delivering these services.


Full medical

Our business consulting practice provides a Full business medical to assist in the identification of hot spots and weaknesses in a clients business that requires attention.From here it’s possible to prescribe remedial actions that produce the results required .

Better Business Institute Marketing

Utilising cutting edge low cost marketing strategies we are able to assist clients achieve much better results in their business, providing them with a much needed boost.

Business coaching

Some clients require coaching in order to maximise their business opportunity . We provide onsite and tele-support for clients requiring assistance in implementing new programs and initiatives.

Business Works

Our business works program analysis the clients data base and extracts data that assist the business owner in focusing on profit generating initiatives targeted at specific growth objectives.

Managed Services

Through our IT managed services program we are able to proactively examine the clients IT infrastructure and get then provide an environment to get ahead of business crippling down time incidents.

Web Site Development

We provide affordable website and social media presence that is aimed at attracting prospects and converting to clients. It includes elements of off line marketing strategies provided to the client. This is further enhanced by providing hosting and virtual environments for backup and recovery purposes. Avoiding , the issues faced during outages such as experienced during natural disasters.

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