It is generally known that the foundation of a good catering event is its proper planning. Here are some useful tips on a catering event checklist.

Planning the event you should write down everything in detail. Start with what day and time the preparation begins. Compile the list of your guests and book your event venue in advance (usually three months before the event). Reserve your date with a caterer and order invitation cards and venue maps. Confirm your booking with a stage decorator, a photographer and a videographer. Decide your menu and other details with the caterer and pay two thirds in advance. Do not forget to book DJ and a music system.

You will have possibility to make adjustments to your booking. So, have a final talk with the caterer one week before the event.

Think of venue hire if your own dwelling is not large enough to cater for the guests. There are a lot of venues for hire available especially online.

Ensure that your event is not planned on a special holiday or an important date of your guests if you want to see them.

Sent out the invitations about one month before the event, this will allow your guests include your event into their schedule.

You need at least two glasses per guest, so twice the amount of glassware is necessary for your party. Consider the time of the year and the time of the day and make your function as comfortable as possible. You should have heaters and sheltered areas if the rain comes. Speeches and cake should be started at 22.00 when the party is in full swing.

Think of security especially if you have lots of youngsters and there is risk of attracting gatecrashers.

Try to consider all possible nuances of your upcoming event and both you and your guests will be pleased with the party.

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