Project Managers are People Managers. Numerous of us have heard this about the many years, but is it? Are we absolutely nothing a lot more than people managers? I will agree that we’re accountable for managing people and that this can be a portion of the PM (Project Manager) function. I ask that we get a second to take a look at a few facts. Many PM’s get certification from the PMI (Project Management Institute) that is ISO (Worldwide Group for Standardization) acknowledged certification. In addition, one could also receive a Masters Diploma in Project Management. With that in thoughts, are PM’s truly nothing much more than people managers? Is there truly a notion that PM’s do nothing a lot more than manage people? Is people management the most important perform of a PM?

On this write-up I wish to existing the 3 P’s of project management. The 3 P’s are to consider the elements and construction of project management. As the majority of us know, there are five project management process teams and nine information locations (please refer towards the PMBOK guidebook for clarification). I can guarantee you that there’s much more than people management in terms of the process teams and knowledge places. On the other hand, without people and without people management projects can’t be achieved. So people management is essential but without the other two P’s will a project be successful? Let me current the 3 P’s of Project Management and comply with them having a evaluation.

one) People Management
2) Process Management and
3) Performance Management

People Management is important in regards to project management. It requires the management from the project manager to guidebook a staff in direction of operating collectively in symmetry to perform the objectives of a project. I really feel that cooperation and collaboration are a couple of essential components in terms of people management. With out cooperation and/or collaboration by the team or a person around the team, a project can finish up in jeopardy.

How do you develop a team that fosters collaboration and cooperation? I’ve discovered that the best decisions are produced by a staff not a person. Early on inside a project I deliver the staff collectively to talk about the objectives from the project. Then to interact the topic issue specialists and the IT assets in a very dialogue that elicits the best decisions. I ask concerns and inspire the group to complete the same. Subsequent we take a look at making a decision. I comply with this up by searching for alternatives or options by asking if there is a much better way. The data introduced right here results in new and much better decisions. New decisions are based on new information, get the team to to collaborate and cooperate and the greatest decisions will likely be created. The most effective info will likely be offered and individuals will be contributors.

It is common for any group to go by means of forming, norming, storming and conforming to be able to grow. The PM expects this and is prepared to manage it accordingly so the group performs. It is persuasive assertiveness that, when used effectively, leads the group in overcoming distinctions and strives for project good results.

To this point we’ve only discussed people management, and frankly, teams could be organized for all kinds of factors and the staff leader can use the information over to leverage the team. Is people management another term for project management?

Process Management is equally important to People Management. Without both of these, the capability to offer a effective project final result is severely diminished. To enhance the end result of the project the PM utilizes sound and repeatable processes that lead to a profitable project implementation. PM’s use their understanding, abilities and effectiveness to incorporate the project management process groups and understanding locations. If the project management process groups and understanding places aren’t successfully managed along with the group there will probably be project chaos. If your project is in chaos or complete chaos, what areas of project management are not being successfully involved in your project? Do you should look far?

I really feel that without the utilization of the project management process that projects will wander and drift like a message in a bottle, no charted course and an unknown vacation spot. I have felt the pains of projects without process. They struggled with technologies implementations, cost over-runs and also the project scope in continuous flux. The finish result, failure.

I discovered that a similar team managed the subsequent model of an software having a project management process in location, the outcomes had been excellent. There was a strong scope document that provided the essential info for person acceptance testing. There had been 5 alter requests created that went by means of the change manage process, 4 had been approved. The plan target date was not just attained, however the operate was completed ahead of schedule. Becoming forward of routine meant price financial savings thus the project was finished beneath spending budget. All of this was accomplished and there were no item defects.

Could this are achieved with people skills alone? Would you have the ability to create project symmetry without a project management process? I feel you currently know the answers to these inquiries.

Lastly there is Performance Management. For probably the most component, this class falls beneath process management for all intensive purposes. I prefer to breakout performance management and take a look at it from a different viewpoint. The objective of performance management is to reply the question … How is you project coming along? When that’s asked it really should have the ability to be deal with the triple constraints. Is the project on routine? Is it inside budget? Will it meet the project scope? By measuring the triple constraints, a PM can track the precise progress of a project and make adjustments based on this info. Performance management holds the group accountable and keeps the senior group informed.

Let’s take a moment to look back again at earlier inquiries. Are project managers nothing a lot more than people managers? Is people management the most essential perform of a PM? My response to this can be that project managers need to stability each people and process management. 1 with out the other won’t supply the optimum outcome.

With every thing that has been offered right here, it’s crucial to keep in thoughts that Project Managers deliver so much a lot more towards the success of the project than their capacity to manage people. The three P’s of project management, (people, process and performance management) take into consideration significantly with the criteria required for effective project management. As project managers, we’re skilled, expert and skilled on this area. If projects are going properly we all know we’re doing the right issues.

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