So in this article I want to tell you about another method of investment and that is investment in jewels! So let us begin and see what we will find out.

Here it is important to notice that you not simply put up money in expensive metal and jewels, but also in art! Here “the precious metal” weight and its art value are more important.

The name of the master becomes the indicator in such situation. Faberge? Here comments are superfluous, just buy! Take away your doubts if you meet such names of Belperon, Boivine, Bulgari, Buccellati, Verdura, Cartie, Shepps. Believe, they are checked up by time.

The interesting firm is (JAR): the Parisian firm with history in two ten the years, headed by American Arthur Rosenthal. His works are created under a microscope with application “hi-tech”. Pay attention to Walung. It is the American call to the Japanese who have “knocked down” in 1960 the jeweler world by pearls, grown up on farms. It will stylize items under historical ornaments XVIII–XIX of centuries and is proud of the H-shaped pearl in Baroque style, its grown up firm at coast Tahiti.

But a name is not all! Putting up money in nominal jewels, be interested — whether it is manual work? The matter is that firms with loud names use also flow production. Rather a quality product can put on a flow. Mass-produced models is already molding. But whether the surface after extraction from the pre forms “is finished” it is still a question.

If the item is decorated by stones it is necessary to find out a method of their fixture. The stone fixed by “stamping” can already drop out in some months. And manual fixture in a special metal mandrel is eternal.
The price of items influences also a fashion. The price can sharply fly up. Recession of “peak” demand reduces the price but only a little. Still the item price depends on its history and human vanity. It the American has noticed Layton and began to buy up the ornaments belonging to the most known families in the world. It first has reacted to occurrence in the market of a serpentine bracelet from Fuke whom carried Sara Bernard, has made out Rothschild relic in an ordinary tiara. However, Layton can remorselessly and invent story of an ancient jewelry. But from interested persons there is no release. So, behind historical jewelry can be welcomed salon of Layton on Madison-avenue in New York.

The useful information: Sending jewels on the deposit in the banks you should know that their mortgage cost is determined at the price of a breakage, instead of a jewel. So that is all I wanted to tell you.

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