Local MarketingNZ is Best

Did you know?

#1 84% of searches are looking on-line for a local business

#2 80% of local searchers follow up with direct contact and 61% of those make a purchase

#3 39% of consumers report frequently not being able to locate a particular known business

#4 Almost half the population is on Facebook

#5 Google indexes your Facebook fan page – and gives a good ranking when it has a photo or a video

#6 The URL name of your website e.g. www.Yourbusiness.com can effect how much traffic & business you get.

#7 Most Website designers only design websites and are not marketing experts .

#8 Most people prefer to search on-line rather than trudge through a Telephone directory

  • Can customers find you?
  • Are you loosing business because you are not on-line?
  • Can you connect with prospects via Facebook
  • Is on line marketing something your business needs now ?
  • Do you need a a website and a Facebook fan page?

If you can can say yes to one of these questions then you probably need help from a local expert.

Someone that can look at your business and provide targeted solutions.

We are local and we are able to help transform your business into  what you dreamed it could be.

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Local is Best