ATM machines are very popular for today, as they are a very fast way for getting cash without going to a bank institution. But there are also some risks relevant to their usage – since automated teller machines can be attacked and may suffer from physical attacks or ATM frauds. In any of these occurrences, either ATM owner or ordinary customer risk to loose his money.

So, let’s consider some types of ATM attacks for you to be aware of, as it is well-known that “forewarned is forearmed”.

Commitment of ATM physical attacks is aimed for getting access to the cash or other things of value that are in the ATM safe or security enclosure. Among the most common methods can be mention such as ram raid, explosive attacks with use of gas or without and cutting with rotary saws, blow torches, diamond drills or other similar tools usage. Size of damage in case of ATM physical attacks is generally measured by stolen cash and how fast the attack was completed.

ATM frauds involve many different categories, among them Lebanese loop, shoulder surfing, skimming, cash trapping and some other.

Card theft commitment involves physical obtaining of the consumer’s card. One of the most general methods of card theft includes card trapping. The most usual way of trapping a card is known as loop. It is designed to be set inside of the card entry slot of the ATM card reader in such a manner as it enables the consumer to enter his card, but prevent ejecting or returning the card to the consumer by the ATM card reader.

The methods related to PIN compromise include both very technically sophisticated and the relatively easy techniques, as for example, shoulder surfing. Shoulder surfing involves the crime committer standing too close to the person who draws money to observe the card code entered on the key board. One more observing method involves usage of miniature cameras to pass the image of the entered PIN-code or save the recording with thrift data on the recording facility. Due to increased number of mobile phones with video capture capabilities, compromising of PINs became more affordable from the part of crime committers. They also can recourse to keyboard overlays that look very like to the original ATM key pad and are put on top of the original ATM key pad. So, crime committers can record the codes entered on the key pad, as well allow the genuine keyboard to accept the entered PINs.

Card skimming involves copying of the data encrypted on the magnetic stripe of the card. There are various types of skimming devices that can be used for ATM fraud. Beginning from hand held skimming devices to miniature card skimmers. Skimming devices may be put to or used as a substitute for an original door access facility. ATM card entry slot skimmers vary in shapes and sizes as well and differ in their complexity.

Those who run their own business might already thought of using ATM Services. No wonder today that in many cases ATMs do make buying process for customers easier. But it’s not the only purpose cash dispensers can be used for. Enterprises can install ATMs for paying off salaries, etc.

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