Small Business Masters Coaching Program

“Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being .

Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled the light”

Albert Schweitzer

Introducing the Small business masters coaching program

HiSpeed Consulting is proud to announce the introduction of the Small business Masters Coaching program . This program has been developed with small business entrepreneur in mind. It provides the answers to questions that entrepreneurs are constantly asking in todays business climate.  How to get more of the right customers,  how to turn “Just browsing” to buyers. Providing the essential tools to overcoming the challenges facing small business owners.

This Small Business Masters coaching program comprises 12 separate modules that represents a fully comprehensive small business study course that can be done at your pace and in your time frames .

The program is meaningful, powerful and extremely effective.It provides written outcomes, and templated plans . The cutting edge knowledge and extremely powerful business strategies can be implemented into your business immediately, to produce the results you need. Each Module can be completed in a few hours each. It fast tracks the learning process and removes the confusion associated with self help unguided reading . There are a number of assignments that are set and assessed by the tutor . In addition , there is optional consulting available to help you implement these cutting edge systems into your business. It is a proven program with definite outcomes .

How suitable and relevant  is this anyway ?

The program is suitable for owners operators or managers .Many business people cannot break from the business to attend formal class room training , however this program is unique in that it is flexible around your time constraints. This is also a high impact, action learning program. So you are applying the knowledge gained from the program within your business to gain benefits as you progress through the modules.

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