The First steps to Starting a Small Business

For some, starting a business can be daunting and for others, it’s a case of; they can’t
wait to get started. Either way, it is always good to remember that there is lots of help
and advice out there and not only can that advice prove invaluable, it doesn’t have to
cost the earth. Treat all forms of advice as an invaluable investment into your business.
I believe, that anyone looking at running their own business is an Entrepreneur
because Entrepreneurs take resources and make things happen. That is exactly what
you are doing by running your own business.
Remember though, it’s not just about having an idea. It’s about implementing it. I
have seen people with great ideas fail, and conversely I have seen others with what
appears a poor idea, become a success.
Drive and ambition are key ingredients in Entrepreneurship but that said, it’s always
good to listen to others. If there really isn’t a demand for your idea, there is no point in
flogging a dead horse just because you want to prove others wrong.
Entrepreneurs are more innovative, leading to new products and services being
created, which in turn leads to lower unemployment and an enhancement of lifestyles.
So what makes a good entrepreneur?
It is generally recognised that the Attributes or Traits of
an Entrepreneur are fundamentally:
• Ambition (the need to succeed),
• Creativity (always innovative),
• Tenacity (often stubborn),
• Risk Tolerant (being bold),
• Intuition (spontaneous) and
• Personality (the life and soul).

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