Also you can prefer active strategy of management. At active management periodic changes of structure of assets depending on change of a market situation are provided. They can be with various frequencies: from several times a month or even in a year to several daily changes.

Basis for change of positions is the occurrence forecast in the future favorable or, on the contrary, adverse market conditions. In spite of the fact that changes of the prices are hardly predictable, it is possible to do some likelihood forecasts nevertheless. The majority of trading models is constructed on revealing let and weak, but the laws existing in movements of market prices.

Among investors and even among managing directors there is an error that the purpose of active operations is additional profit reception. But actually everything that active managing directors can do ais to supervise risk (even if they don’t understand it). Risk restriction is produced by reduction of volume of open positions or their complete closing during the adverse periods. Possibility to limit risk also is the basic difference of active strategy from index investment.

In strategy of active management risk fixation at certain level allows to raise prediction of profitablenesses. After all profitableness and risk are connected among themselves. This ratio can’t be described unequivocally. But there is a number of the empirical supervision allowing at known size of accepted risk to predict average yield.

Other important rule consists in that communication between profitableness and risk isn’t linear. On each additional unit of risk compensation in the form of profitableness will be ever less. That is, it is impossible simply having increased risk from 10 % to 50 % (for example, taking the credit 1 to 5), to lift potential return from 20–30 % to 100–150 %.

It is connected with so-called effect “asymmetric leverage”. So it is that at increase an account procorf profitableness which is necessary for loss closing, grows not linearly, and on a parabola. After all the increasing on size are necessary for fulfilling procorfs the lesser capital. Same sharply reduces return in the form of profitableness at risk increase, especially if it is necessary to pay percent for borrowed capital.

From the point of view of skilled experts as much as possible admissible aggression in the security market is at level of 25 % of risk. And the further escalating of risk not only doesn’t lead to profitableness increase, but also can lead to its reduction. Therefore moderate the aggression. The risk is a noble cause, but unreasonable risk is the beginning of the end, so don’t forget to be careful and always very attentive while you do anything. Wish you good luck!

The times when governments have been flooding people with all sorts of grants are over. At least for some time. But that does not imply that you should get rid of the idea of getting small business grants.

Everything is possible with smart approach; small business grants including.

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