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After searching and downloading various backup programs under the label FREEWARE I felt comfortable with my choice of backup software until disaster struck !! An update went through automatically overnight and lo and behold in the morning 2 PCs wouldn’t boot up  no matter how times they are switched on and off. Has this ever happened to you ? A familiar story hey !

So now what ?? How about –trying to do a manual recovery using the recovery console, well if you can manage to reconfigure your machine to boot from a spare system disk , which you may or may not have received when you purchased your machine and then navigate passed all the techie jargon and lingo, you will get presented with a recovery console .

The next step is equally challenging  as you may need to recover the MBR master boot record .This is lottery time and can either result in your machine booting up or not. Many don’t and your into a full reload of your system , programs , settings the full monty !!

I got to think about the hundreds of others stuck in the same position without help and without much technical knowledge about computers !! Individuals and business owners like you , that only want to work on and not fix computers. These disaster situations often occur when you least expect it and and the worst possible time. Month end !!

Disaster Recovery – Paying Forward

Its not an easy concept to pay forward and any prevention no matter how noble is met with resistance as soon as a cost is involved . Welcome to the world of disaster recovery . It’s a bit like insurance you don’t need it until you need it !!

Now before I get into the cost of the average solution lets look at the cost of the outage to start with . Lets say your PC is used 8 hrs a day by you. Lets say your hourly rate is $ 65 per hour .You not being able to work will cost you in the region of  $ 520 per day . Ok now lets look at the cost of recovery again lets say the average cost per hours is $ 60  . If the computer techie charges you 4-8 hours that’s another $ 240 to R 480. What about loss of service costs – those that cant get service from you ? The list is almost endless. You get the picture ? Now multiply this by the number of PCs or servers you may have and suddenly there are some big costs involved in not having the right disaster recovery backup solution .

Ok you say you back up your data with a free product,  I say so what !! You get what you pay for. It will only backup your data it wont restore your system partition .

Even with your data safe,  its still going to take you hours to recover the partition you have lost, reset all your favorite programs and special programs , re-enter all the license keys etc.

So the big question has got to be :

Is there an easier way out – a magic silver bullet a get of jail card ?

Yes there is it is in the form of a Fantastic Disaster Recovery solution from Ultrabac

Its an Extremely fast backup and disaster recovery solution and it will make your business continuity plan so much easier to implement.

  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Universal boot media (no advance set-up required)
  • Reduces critical machine downtime to the absolute minimum
  • Eliminates all unused space to minimize backup time and media
  • Built-in Locked File Backup Agent to guarantee file integrity
  • Built-in data encryption feature
  • Back up to local disk, tape, SAN, NAS, or UNC path
  • Hardware failure redirect
  • SMTP email alerts
  • No need for an experienced system administrator ( this is a really big advantage as this can be a big cost in your IT support budget)

UltraBac Disaster Recovery Gold raises the bar in disaster recovery.

UltraBac Disaster Recovery (UBDR) Gold uses snapshot (image) based backup and disaster recovery technology to provide lightning fast physical or virtual restores.

The software works with every Windows server or workstation, and can be used to perform dissimilar hardware restores.  UBDR Gold uses UltraBac’s ability to perform live image backups, along with a WinPE boot CD or USB key, to restore one or more disk  partitions – even to a larger capacity disk drive right out of the box.  UltraBac’s Locked File Backup Agent is also integrated with UBDR Gold to ensure open files are backed up safely during the image process.  UBDR Gold can be licensed for
independent, stand-alone use, or it can be fully integrated with UltraBac’s regular file-by-file backup and restore software.

We can provide and install this solution for you .

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