The wisest thing is to have an adequate budget before planning anything for your wedding day. However, catering costs can unexpectedly go beyond the limits of your budget if you do not plan them properly ahead. So, there are some useful tips on setting a realistic wedding catering budget.

Do not load your beverage menu with every imaginable drink, just choose a soft bar with champagne, wine and beer and add your “own” cocktail with romantic name. You may create a semi-soft bar with vodka or whiskey. Your guests will know how to drink them – in a cocktail, or alone, or with mixers.

Do not include expensive additional courses in your wedding menu. Just order a three-course meal and a wedding cake and it will be enough for your guests. Choose only three prepared hors d’oeuvres for your cocktail hour before the main culinary event. Pile cocktail tables with fruit and hors d’oeuvres, because self-serve bites will help you to save on food and serving staff.

If you extremely need to include delicacies, use them in a specially created hors d’oeuvre. In order to keep wedding catering costs down, choose easy to prepare dishes. Mashed potato and self-serve pasta stations with toppings will be popular, so add them without hesitation to your menu. Ask your caterer to cook one main course limiting entrée choices by this.

Bring your own spirits and wine as many caterers allow this. And try to choose a spirit supplier with a “buyback policy” to return all unopened bottles.

You should discuss with your caterer which parts of menu are non-negotiable and which elements you can cut. Find information about food price and choose the most acceptable suppliers.

Count everything as far in advance as you can and plan thoroughly your wedding day because a good planning helps to enjoy the event but not to damage your budget.

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