Most probably you feel that you need to devote your life to practicing law. But to your great regret you lack patience and as the result it’s impossible for you to attend a law school. But don’t give up because any way it’s quite possible for you to get into this sphere. So I’m talking about an opportunity of working as a court reporter of course. In my opinion this specialty will be the right solution for you. Of course you want to know how to become a professional court reporter. So I’d like to offer you a brief guide on the subject here below.

I tell you seriously that a court reporter is an extremely prestigious job though to say the truth court reporters have to take a great responsibility every day when executing their duties. Court reporting includes documenting everything told during a legal proceeding. Besides this it also deals with preparation of all the transcripts of these statements too.

Of course I should mention so called educational pre-requisites. The matter is that to properly understand the subject you need to be aware of this job’s educational requirements. I should say that the educational requirements in this field somewhat differ from other ones in related criminal justice career. When having completed high school, you need attending court reporting classes. In fact these court reporting classes are often offered at numerous community colleges as well as vocational schools. This includes up to 70 courses and it usually takes about 33 months to complete the entire course. By the way you should pay attention to the accreditation policy. You need to make sure that your courses are really accredited in compliance with the National Court Reporters Association which also known as NCRA.

Besides these basic courses, you also need brushing up your typing skills too. By the way it’s also advisable to be familiar with such sophisticated areas such as medical terminology for example. It goes without saying that you should also be aware of how to use corresponding court reporting equipment as well as stenography.

Of course I should also mention certification and licensure. From my point of view becoming a professional court reporter somewhat resembles becoming an attorney. So in other words this means that in this case you also need passing a state test for the purpose of officially practicing court-reporting. Fortunately, these days future reporters are able to substitute state licensure as well as a national voice writing certification. All of this you can get from this well known National Verbatim Reporters Association. To be exact you need to have the following certificates. They are accordingly Real-Time Verbatim Reporter, Certified Verbatim Reporter and certainly Certificate of Merit. Good luck in getting this job!

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